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Ever since Erik unveiled his tunage integration, the ‘now playing’ thing, check Erik’s post for some background information, I’ve been meaning to do something similar.

Today I finally did, it can bee seen in the navigation bar to the right. My implementation is pretty similar to his, you know what they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

However I don’t use JSON and for the server side component I use Perl, which I’m more familiar with. Other than that I also added a position bar, which looks quite neat. Haven’t got any of the fancy browsing stuff Erik has though.

7 Responses to 'Tunage'

  1. Erik Arvidsson Says:

    It’s funny. When I first saw yours I didn’t see the progress bar and a few minutes later I thought it would be really nice to put a progress bar there and now I see you did that as well.

    From a users perspective I’m not sure that a progress bar is very useful but then again it looks sweet.

  2. Emil Says:

    Two minds, one thought.

  3. Erik Arvidsson Says:

    I think I might copy you on this one ;-)

  4. base Says:

    hehe, you guys waste time. why would ppl care what song you are playing RIGHT now?….
    cool though, i bet you had fun coding it and maybe learnt something along the way.

    But seriously… as long as u dont stream it to me… im not gonna rush over here to see what song YOU listen to…You are not THAT special :P

  5. Emil Says:

    Yeah it’s quite meaningless… but you never know, some day you might actually be curios and boored enough :)

  6. base Says:

    that day could be today actually….

  7. Emil Says:


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