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As I mentioned in my last post I’ve reimplemented the plain text version of my spellchecker, named LiteSpellChecker. The rich text one has been renamed to RichSpellChecker, but I won’t post that until it actually works. All things both of them share has been separated into a BaseSpellChecker file and it includes all server communcation and the suggestion handling, among other things.

I’ve also ported the backend to php (as have James and kepo-ing Zz85, thanks guys), however I had to make the argument separator adjustable for that to work, as PHP doesn’t seem to threat semicolon as a separator, only ampersand.

All known bugs are listed on the demo page, if you find others please comment.

100 Responses to 'LiteSpellChecker'

  1. glen Says:

    i can’t see the carret (cursor)
    browsers: mozilla (linux), mozilla-firefox (linux), MSIE (win xp)

  2. Luke McLean Says:

    Words like I’m or I’ve or isn’t (i.e. those containing an apostrophe) show as incorrect. The suggestion given is the same as the word enetered and when selected the red line continues to be shown.

  3. Darren Brierton Says:

    This is very cool, but I agree with the previous two comments. The problem with words like “I’m” might be connected with magic quotes. I noticed in the Change Log on http://www.broken-notebook.com/spell_checker/ that he fixed a problem in v2.0 concerning magic quotes and words containing apostrophes. Could the problem here be related?

    As for cursor being invisible, that is a serious problem. The fact is that whilst you are typing into a textarea, what is displayed is in fact a div. You can’t actually see the textarea at all. But that means there is no visual feedback of whether you are actually in the textarea (i.e. whether it’s in focus) and if you are where you are—it makes re-editing text almost impossible.

    Nevertheless there is the beginnings of a truly awesome solution here. I wonder if there is some way to put a blinking vertical line in the div that exactly duplicates the position of the cursor in the textarea?

  4. Emil Says:

    The problem with apostrophes is most likely due to an invalid regular expression and worked in earlier versions, so it should be quite trivial to solve. I’ll try to look into it this weekend.

    About the missing cursor it somehow disappears - in Mozilla, it’s shown in IE - when the text area is positioned absolute (the text area is visible, the only style modifications to are that the background transparency and updated position).


  5. John Cox Says:

    PHP / AJAX Spell Checker

    Emil A Eklund has created a pretty nice spell checker using javascript and PHP. It uses the Pspell to check a word as it is entered into a text area. It is a simple but effective script which looks to have uses.

  6. Sattu Says:

    i can’t see cursor in FF1.0.6 — its very bad.

    but i like you script =)

  7. Darin Says:

    Very nice! Thanks for making the code available.

  8. Thorsten Says:

    You did an awesome job here! Very nice…
    I’m looking forward to use your code in some projects of mine. If you need some help on this project, just drop me a line!

  9. Paulg Says:

    FF1.02 on W2K no cursor either.

    Keep going, its great!

    Is that a large red cabbage reflecting in your sunglasses?

  10. Tim's Personal Weblog Says:

    Real-time spell checking on the web!

  11. John Wilkins Says:

    This is a great idea, but your code leaves out support for Safari even though it supports AJAX in the exact same was as Mozilla does. And who knows what other browsers might work if you just let them try.

    The major problem with your javascript is that you SHOULD NOT be using obsolete browser checking code in your script. You should check for the existance of javascript methods and functions rather than try to parse the userAgent string.

    // A short example:
    if (document.getElementById) {
    // supports the method — go for it!

    Here’s a good article on the subject (circa 2001):

    I look forward seeing this script mature.

  12. Emil Says:

    John Wilkins > As I don’t have access to Apple hardware I can’t test in safari. To just check for capabilities would work if all browsers implemented all functionality the same way, but they don’t. Even though other browsers support XML HTTP (say Opera/Safari) they probably won’t work with this script without further modifications to ensure that the correct way is used to get and set text ranges, modify nodes etc.

    Even though most modern browsers support web standards to some extent they don’t necessarily support the same ones, and quite a few things are not handled consistently between browsers.

    The browser check in this script is used to make sure that it degrades properly, instead of failing spectacularly, if the browser has not been verified to work with the script. That kind of browser checking is not obsolete and serves the purpose far better than to assume that all browsers implement the same functionality in compatible ways.

    Having said that I would love to support other browsers, and I’ll try to get it to work in Opera as soon as I can find some time to work on it. To get it to work in Safari however I could use some help, as I cannot test things in that browser myself.

  13. Emil Says:

    Paulg > Thanks, seems to be a problem in all firefox/gecko versions.

    Hehe, see for yourself: http://gallery.eae.net/2004/miscboat/014.jpeg

  14. Stan Says:

    I have a library I wrote that interfaces PHP with Aspell, which would make your little script more compatible with installations of PHP, as few actually are compiled with pspell anymore. Contact me if you’de like to collaborate on this at all.

  15. Hakan Bilgin Says:

    Hi friend,
    I have adapted Word Complete for Firefox, and the object “supports” 28 languages with all characters.

    Check it here:

    Take care,

    PS: I am linking to your Chronicle ;-)

  16. Lou Says:

    For the firefox missing cursor problem, check out the following link
    for a possible solution.

    It worked for me to simply put overflow:auto on the div tag’s style.

  17. Steph Says:


    Your spell checker is very cool.
    What can of dictionnary do you use server side? Is it your own?

    What do I need to do to run the dictionnary on my server?
    Also does the spellchecker support other languages than en_us?

    Thanks much

  18. Sean Says:

    I found a small problem with having double scroll bars when you put too much in for the content. I don’t get it every single time, but it happens when I load up a box then hit reload in Firefox or just load up a bunch with IE. Any idea of why that might be or how to fix?


  19. Mike Says:

    I just wanted to say that the blinking cursor shows up in Safari 2.0 OSX Tiger! Yea buddy! Great Job!

  20. db Says:

    fyi, I nuked the demo stylesheet, and the cursor worked fine. It’s a CSS problem.

  21. Vasanth Dharmaraj's Blogs Says:

    Windows Live Mail: Spell Check As You Type

  22. azlon Says:

    i am haveing some issues getting it working in wordpress. i edited the heaer to include the js files, then edited the footer and inserted the init function, but made it look for “comment” for the textarea id.

    it creates a new div, but doesn’t hide it. im not sure if i’m missing something simple, or if i have a conflict in ids.

  23. David Truong Says:

    Has anyone ever tried to port this so that it would work on a java servlet or webapp?

  24. Emil Says:

    Not that I know of, I’ve created perl, php and C++ versions of the server side component. Cold fusion and ASP versions have been mentioned but I’ve haven’t actually seen them.

    Should’t be to hard to port, the logic is quite simple.

  25. Steve Says:

    Firefox 1.5: The demo has the missing cursor problem, but that sounds like it’s workable. The popup menu is “split” when it hangs over the right edge of the text box. Put an error at the right edge of the box and click on it. If the menu covers the edge of the box, it gets slightly mangled.

  26. Craig Says:

    This simple fix works in FF 1.5 and IE on XP (not sure about other versions or browsers yet).

    1) edit spellchecker.css
    2) find .webfx-spell-markupbox {
    3) on a new line after that, add this new line…

    Done! As others pointed out, it’s a style problem on the div. However, the solutions that were thrown out either didn’t work for me, or got the cursor to appear, but created odd artifacts when scrolling. I cannot find any problems when testing my solution!

    Emil, great work! Thank you so much for making it open source. I think one lesson I learned is that you were willing to release something to the public knowing it wasn’t perfect. I tend to wait until it is mistake free… which often leads to nothing getting released. Even your very first buggy release was a tremendous benefit to the community since you are doing such ground breaking stuff. And know you have it working pretty well. Thanks!

    Lastly, I’m surprised you’ve not hooked the as you type checker up to this blog software!

  27. Emil Says:

    Thanks Craig; seemed a bit too easy so, was quite surprised to see that it actually worked!

    Generally tend to post betas and proof of concepts here, rather than at WebFX, to get feedback quickly, before my interest subsides. And the interest for the spell checker has exceeded all my expectations.

    An update to the spell checker is long over due, mainly since I haven’t decided whatever or not to focus on the lite one or the rich text one. The fix for the, very annoying, missing cursor problem you just contributed however will hopefully trigger me to resume work on it :)

    I tried to use it for comments for a while, but that was at a time when the implementation was exceptionally buggy…

  28. Vincent Maher Says:

    Emil, this script looks great but I have one question: does it support having multiple texteareas with different names/ids on the same page? I can’t see where you would supply the id for the textarea.

  29. Emil Says:

    Vincent: Yeah, the constructor takes a reference to the element as the first and only argument.

  30. John Says:

    I’m getting the following error when trying to implement your spell checker. “Permission denied to call method XMLHttpRequest.open” It even occurs when I copy the demo page and try to run it locally. Any ideas?

  31. Adi Says:

    Is there any servlet version for this spell checker…

  32. sallam Says:

    WOW!! mazing spell checker, even better and faster than gmail’s. 2 thumbs up!
    But one question please: how do I install it? there is no instructions. I’m using IPB forum software, and it would be great if anyone helped me with instructions please. If thats not possible, an example on how to use it with a text area would be great. Many thanks in advance.

  33. Colin Ramsay Says:

    It really doesn’t like me pasting stuff in…

  34. Colin Ramsay Says:

    An update to that - it seems to be an issue with the squiggly lines rather than the underlying functionality.

    If I paste in this text, which has three spelling mistakes,

    “The person receiving and reading the C.V./Resume needs to know why you have seant it and what your specific objectives are. You need to communicate three critical messages At that point it is worth including one or two sentences that will hold the readers attention and influence them to select yours from what may be quite a pile of applications. This is where the model is important. Make a statement about your level of energy and motivation and also your capacity to do an excaellent job and add value to the organisation. Every section of your C.V./Resume needs to contain a reason for the prospective employer to select you before other people.”

    Only the one on the first line gets the red line marker, even though you can click on all three to get a popup.

  35. Colin Ramsay Says:

    Final post on the subject - it’s not just pasting stuff in. Even typing multiple lines gives me grief. Sorry for the three comments, they could have just been one.

  36. Matthew Ratzloff Says:

    If I change the font size in the CSS file — for example, if I increase the font size — the red lines appear to the left of the word. It’s not clear to me how to fix that. Any ideas?

  37. Son Nguyen Says:

    Great script. This is probably a bug: if you type a really long invalid string (keep typing ddddd….), the red line is not under the invalid line but under the textarea and if you have more newlines, it’s still a couple lines below the line in question.

  38. Loren Says:

    Like John above, I am also getting the same javascript error when I try to implement the lite version of your spell checker.

    “Permission denied to call method XMLHttpRequest.open”

    It only happens with the lite version. The original and richdemos run fine though. Any ideas?

  39. Loren Says:

    okay, silly solution. I overlooked the litedemo.html page’s serverURI value. It was still set to:

    webFXSpellCheckHandler.serverURI = ‘http://me.eae.net/stuff/spellchecker/spell.cgi’;

    so just changed it to our own location and it worked. Hope this helps.

  40. Aaron Says:

    Hey, just checking this out - I’ve tried to adapt it to run from aspell in a perl file, but I keep getting a javascript error from the response -
    data=[[0,[”fl erg”,”fl-erg”,”fledge”,”flag”,”flog”,”fleck”,”Fleur”,”filer”,”flee”,”fleer”,”flier”,”flaker”,”leg”,”Felic”,”clergy”,”filers”,”flees”,”fleet”,”flesh”,”fliers”,”Flor”,”flea”,”flew”,”flex”,”Flem”,”Oleg”,”fled”]][0,[”Fleur”,”filer”,”flee”,”fleer”,”flier”,”fer”,”Flor”,”flea”,”flew”,”Flem”,”fled”,”Aler”]]];

    Looks alright to me and generates no errors when I eval it - no idea why the javascript console keeps telling me data[0] has no properties.

  41. sallam Says:

    It didn’t work with me. I uploaded all the files in a directory in my account (apache) but when I load the example page and type mis-spelled words, they dont get underlined. Do I have to change something in the files tro make it work in apache/php. I’ve contacted my host and they conformed that pspell is installed.
    Is there any instructions file or link please?

    Here is the link to where my example page is:

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  42. Loren Says:

    I see the bug Colin is talking about and it seems to be affecting Firefox, and not IE.

    the markup layer does not seem to be wrapping properly. The squiggly lines continue past the textarea view. Even though the text I type in is wrapped in another line.

    Oddly though, this bug only exists in the litedemo version of the spell checker. The richdemo and original demo versions do not have this problem.

    Any ideas?

  43. george Says:

    Hi,Emil.How can i add hebrew language?

  44. Emil Says:

    George, according to the aspell documentation hebrew is supported from version 0.6 (http://aspell.sourceforge.net/man-html/Supported.html).

    The javascirpt/perl implementation should handle unicode just fine however I’m not so sure about right to left writing, that could cause problems.

    Please try to adjust the language in the server side script from en_US to he_IL and see how far that takes you. Please let me know. I’d be glad to improve the support for other languages.

  45. Daniel Lamb Says:

    Hello Emil,

    I’m also having the same issue identified above in posts 33-35 by Colin Ramsay. In FireFox or IE when you type multiple lines of text, the red wavy mark-up lines do not show up. You can still click on a misspelled word and get the pop-up list of suggestions, but the misspelled word is not marked.

    I’m trying to fix this bug now, but any help would be appreciated.


    Daniel Lamb

  46. Loren Says:


    I am not 100% sure if this fixes the problem or creates more of them, but when I removed the white-space:pre line from spellchecker.css, the mark-up lines reappeared (problem was that it wouldn’t wrap beyond the first line without a newline before). See below:

    .webfx-spell-markupbox {
    position: absolute;
    overflow: hidden;
    font: menu;
    line-height: expression(’1.5em’);
    padding: 3px 1px 1px 1px;
    background: window;
    color: window;
    #white-space: pre;

  47. Daniel Lamb Says:

    That works. Thanks! It doesn’t seem to create any new problems.

  48. Steven Says:

    Ignore function only clears the red underline after hitting update.
    (Firefox 1.5.1)

  49. Decius Says:

    An error I am getting on ght LiteSpellChecker Demo you have online is after 8 carriage returns the squigly red lines no longer move upwards with the erroneous words.

  50. David Says:

    Great product! Very nice!

    Bug Report:

    Paste the following text into the text box at http://me.eae.net/stuff/litespellchecker/litedemo.html and the “veryverylongword” will have an underline in the wrong place (it gets wrapped but the underline does not)

    “this is a really long string of text that is not misspelled however when you get to the edge of the text box you will see that a veryverylongword will cause problems”

    Also, sometimes if you type fast, a word gets marked as misspelled but it isn’t… It does not get “unmarked”… Type the word test a bunch of time.

    Tested in IE 6.0.x and Firefox

  51. Amit Says:

    I need a ASP implementation for spell.php. Can anyone help me for this ??
    I am not from PHP technology, but your spell checker is excellent !!!

  52. Emil Says:

    Amit > The C++ one might be easier to understand if you’re not familiar with PHP.

  53. Lindsay Says:

    Two problems I can see -

    1. It dosnt work in safari
    2. html markup is spell checked. If i want to use your spellchecker with a different javascript rich text editor, this will be a problem.

    one of the nicer implementations though,


  54. Johnvey.com - Purveyor of fine words » Ajax spellcheck as you type Says:

    […] I’ve been looking for a nice web Javascript spell checker, and came across a great implementation by Emil that he named LiteSpellChecker. It mimmicks the spell checker in MS Word by underlining misspelled words and presenting a nice substitute word selection menu. The javascript takes a standard <textarea> element, erases the background, and inserts a shadow <div> underneath that holds the redline segments. […]

  55. Johnvey Hwang Says:


    This project is a great spell checker implementation. I’ve fixed a few bugs, and made some performance improvements — necessary if you deal with large pieces of text:

    1. Fixed: Redlines get misaligned when scrolling with arrow keys in Firefox
    2. Fixed: Ignore word function breaks if there are non-word segments in the text
    3. Fixed: Numbers are flagged as misspelled
    4. Sped up ignore function by almost 5x
    5. Improved responsiveness while editing long text

    Instead of pasting in diffs here, I’ve posted the new files at my site:

    - Johnvey

  56. Eric Says:

    This would definately be better on server load if it only queried the server when a was received. Any ideas? I know you have it in your todo list…

  57. Eric Says:

    Above was supposed to read “when a space” was received.

  58. Emil Says:

    Johnvey > Nice work!

    Eric > Yeah, it’s the top item on the todo list, got it working for the rich text implementation, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Guess it’s about time to finalize the spell checker one of these days…

  59. venkatesh Says:

    I ma trying to marry the lite spell checker with another rich text editor-dynaarch.
    however when i initialize lite it removes the toll bar from the previous editor.pl HELP!

  60. Standard Deviations » AJAX Spell Checking: LiteSpellChecker Says:

    […] Check out the demo for this AJAX based spell checker for plain text areas in forms. Looks quite good and usable. Someone please integrate this with Wordpress so I don’t mispells o mcuh. […]

  61. Dennis Henry Says:

    I’ve been troubleshooting the redline issue and seem to have found the problem…but not a solution yet…

    Using MS IE Dom Explorer I outlined all of the spans and what seems to be occuring is that the text is being split at the end of the line but the span is not moving with it so on some lines there is a span where the corresponding text is located at the beginning of the next line.


  62. Kath Says:

    We’re having a problem with forced line breaks - the curly lines don’t follow the text when the rows exceed those in the text area, resulting in a scroll. . . .

  63. ELockshine Says:

    Help Please! I am trying to use this in a Windows Environment and I cannot compile the cgi part.

    I downloaded the fastcgi development, but it is having problems too.
    I can implement the javascript no problem, just nothing to run it against.

  64. Emil Says:

    ELockshine: Have you tried the compiled binary (spellchecker.exe from http://me.eae.net/stuff/spellchecker/cpp/)?

  65. Rajarshi Bhose Says:

    Hi, its simply great..thanks for the Demo and the lovely ideas

  66. G Says:

    Perhaps it’s because I mess around with my font sizes, but the squigglies do not line up with the text. Also, I have verified that it does not function with Opera 9.
    Otherwise, this is an excellent step in the right direction! Thank you for your hard work!

  67. Paresh Parihar Says:

    I have sucessfully configured (as it seems so) pspell/aspell in my xampp bundle but i keep get “CGI Error
    The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers.” or at times the Apache server http as encountered windows alert.

    Please help.

  68. Paresh Parihar Says:


    I managed to use pspell_comp.php and got it working. Everything is working fine. With my current installation i have the spell checker running with php where apache is running on a different port and IIS running on port 80. Everything seems to work fine by Firefox doesnt seem to allow and work (maybe due to the port and strict checking).

    Any work arounds?

  69. Jonesman Says:

    Here is a similar code. A real-time syntax highlighting in javascript.
    Someone probably will find it very usefull. The code appears to be small and simple to understand and modify.

  70. Claire Says:

    I found that at the beginning of my sentene which I started with the letter “I” as a lower case, it did not underline it as an error. But I was impressed with the drop down choices over the rest of my “demo”. Great job!

  71. Abhinav Says:

    I copied all the files in my system with respctive hierarchy but the this r not working as needed… its gives permission denied error.
    So can u plz let me know the by which i can use it after downloading into my system.

  72. Craig Nuttall Says:

    Hello All. Right now I am spell checking this message as I type. I am the creator of SpellingCow ( http://www.spellingcow.com ). I would like to thank Emil for his hard work as he inspired my creation. SpellingCow operates completely different in many ways from Emil’s checker, but has the same idea of making the textarea transparent and showing a markup div in the background.

    Emil was gracious enough to share his code with the world, benefiting me and who knows how many others. I wish I could open source all of my code, but I just cannot unobfuscate it - though I’d gladly give Emil a peek =] I have open sourced the communication method I’ve developed which allows SpellingCow to be installed with a single line of code on any website or run as a favelet. It’s called COWS Ajax ( http://cows-ajax.sourceforge.net ).

    I would like to give some pointers for you guys beyond this though, just to contribute a little more. First of all, Emil’s demo works well b/c the textarea he is using is so large that it masks a lot of problems. The PRE whitespace style type is not recognized by IE and that creates a lot of problems. Also in firefox, this cause long lines to not wrap and completely blows out the display. The fix for this is to drop the PRE whitespace style type entirely. For special cases where you need to render something like consecutive spaces, then wrap just the spaces with the PRE whitespace type. That solves the problem for FF. But IE has a further problem in that in strips leading whitespace on spans. But if you use createTextNode to insert it into the DOM tree directly, that will get you the desired effect.

    So… I wish I could make the unobfuscated and commented source available but I can’t. However, the above paragraphs represents MANY hours of tinkering and I think will be quite valuable to someone wanting to OSS what Emil started. Between that and COWS Ajax, I hope you all feel that I am “giving back” at least something ;-)

    Thanks again Emil… you rock!

  73. Lenna Kehoe Says:

    Any idea’s on reducing hits to the web server for spellchecker?

  74. Lenna Kehoe Says:

    I increates the timer so that the setTimer function called sent a request to the server only every 500ms, but we need to do more since we have 1000’s of users.

  75. tanja Says:


    Would anyone know why LiteSpellChecker not working with IE 7 would? I clicked on Demo link (http://me.eae.net/stuff/litespellchecker/litedemo.html) to try it and when I clicked on “Update/Rescan” button I didn’t see any red curly underlines to let me know about the misspelled word(s). Any ideas?

  76. Spelling Cow: JS Spell Checker » Dee’s-Planet! Blog Says:

    […] highlight_err_type - As mentioned, a yellow background highlights misspellings. However, there is an option to highlight them with a red squiggley underline just as your favorite word processor does. To activate it, set this param to “underline”. The red squiggley was produced by Emil A Eklund who also inspired much of the mechanics of SpellingCow. This is my omage to him. Thanks!! […]

  77. Jason Foshee Says:

    As soon as I updated to IE7, it broke. I commented out the header content on the spell.php script and I could get that to work, but the div is still not updated. Just keeping it updated…..

  78. Jason Foshee Says:

    Oh, BTW…. It continues to work fine in FireFox 2.0.

  79. shammai Says:

    I had several problems with litespellchecker that I was able to resolve in FF but IE is still putting the red squiggly in the wrong place. Even with the demo on this site, the red squiggly is showin up in the middle of the word instead of underneath it when using IE.

    Has anyone fixed that?

    Also, I found a className being set in the javascript file that didn’t actually exist.

    Does anyone know what that class is supposed to contain?

  80. Mary Says:

    I know this is a stupid question, but does this run on Apache/Unix flavor systems? Does one need to install special libraries? My top question in addition to this is, what administrator/security rights are needed to install this (if it can be done on unix). I have shell access, basic understanding of how to use it….. but a bit hazy on hot to get this to run. Thank you for info! :)

  81. AngieX Says:

    Has anyone come up with a fix for IE 7.0? Please email me, my name is Angie @ alxasa@gmail.com

  82. Lusidvicel Says:

    Hello, i love me.eae.net! Let me in, please :)

  83. Glenn Turner Says:


    I ported a spell.php to ASP. Asp doesn’t have a native dictionary spell checker so I have created a dictionary in a database. I also used soundex to allow the “words like” feature. It runs quick.

    I’ve yet to start to look at the IE 7. It could be numerous things. I just wondering if anymore has dicovered the problem? I doubt anyone has fixed it yet (just based on the number of posts).

    I plan on pausing for a while and then trying to fix the IE 7 (if its a simple issue). Any information on the cause would be helpful and save a little.


  84. Glenn Turner Says:

    Forgot to post a link to the code.


  85. balaguru Says:

    Ignore option is not properly working when we use 3 or more times .

  86. Manoj Sharma Says:


    I tried entering this:

    hELLO WORLD this is demnstration of how spell check does not work properly.

    Spell checking does not work. I am using IE 7.0 on WinXP Pro.

    Is there something that I am doing wrong?

  87. Mark Williams Says:

    Cool tool, I am starting to see it at lots of websites these days…

    I was able to get the spell checker working in IE 7 by changing webFXSpellCheckHandler._askServer();

    I simply changed the if statement that chooses HttpRequest object to test for the ActiveX object before testing for the XMLHTTPRequest object.

    I have not tested this change in any other browser however. I also am not experienced enough with AJAX to determine if there are any downfalls to my resolution. I hope this helps.

  88. fearphage Says:

    @Emil: Your assumptions are incorrect. Object detection will suffice for your spellchecker. There are less than 5 instances where browser detection is necessary that I can think of. You don’t seem to be using any of them.

  89. Julie Says:

    Where do I download the perl version of the server side code?

  90. Anonymous Says:

    I am unable to find code the what you are saying in the comment.

    I am checking spellcheckerbase.js. Please tell me where can i change the code for IE7.+.


  91. eshwar.ch Says:

    some body said that change this method webFXSpellCheckHandler._askServer();

    Where should i change and what changes have to be taken out.

    Thanks, Eshwar.Ch

  92. Beth Goldman Says:

    Hi Emil,

    I am using the spell checker in multiple textarea, it’s like a grid edit and we have to implement spell checking in one of the columns (comments). I call the init in the onfocus event of each textarea because if I do it at the window.onload event, it takes a while to load (there were some with 1,000+ textareas in a grid). The problem I’m getting is.. if there are multiple misspellings in the textarea, and I try to correct the first one, instead of overwriting the misspelled word, it goes at the end of the text. Any help is appreciated..


  93. Mike Says:

    I am running into a problem where when a word is corrected it is adding it to next to the misspelled word rather then replacing it. :(

  94. Mike Says:

    Has any one successfully changed the font size when using this spellchecker.

  95. Ryan Pritchard Says:

    Internet Explorer 7

    Use your default example of “This is a smaple text string wiht a few mispeled words.”

    It doesn’t show any red lines, in fact I can’t see any change!

    it looks as thought it would be a vewry good script thought

  96. FernandezAlexia Says:

    I copied all the files in my system with respective hierarchy but the this r not working as needed… its gives permission denied error.
    So can u please let me know the by which i can use it after downloading into my system.

  97. translator Says:

    dunno if somebody already mentioned this bug, but your spell checker doesn’t work at all with non-latin dictionaries (tested with Russian in UTF-8). I would be happy to hear if someone know how (where) to fix that.


  98. BNArun Says:

    When I am using spell.php and sending a request to this page I am getting a “Save as” dialog box and Ajax requests to this URL are failed.

  99. BNArun Says:

    I am getting this when I use the below line:

    But pspell is installed on my machine.

  100. Neo Says:

    I have a problem in using your spell.php file. When I am using this file, and typing http://localhost/spell.php in address bar, then I am getting “Save As…” dialog box. When I comment the line “$speller = pspell_new_config($pspellConfig);”, then the script is not working, but I am not getting that “Save As…” dialog box. PHP is working fine in my system and pspell extension is also installed.

    What would be the problem with that line?

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