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Been quite busy lately, work has occupied most of my time and it looks like it will be that way for the remainder of the winter and spring as well, most of which I’ll spend in Manila.

Anyway, it seems like Mark Finkle picked up the ball and started working on SVG in IE. Although not explicitly stated I’m assuming he’s aiming at supporting SVG Tiny, or a subset of it, rather than the full SVG specification.

Just as my Canvas implementation it’s using VML and behaviors. Unlike Canvas however, SVG is in a separate namespace and it seems like it should be possible to bind the behavior directly to the SVG elements, without the need for a separate initialization script. That should also allow dynamic creation of SVG elements, without having to manually initialize the emulation for them - which in turn could make adding IE support to a SVG powered website/application as easy as including an IE behavior. Assuming there’s a way to overcome the Content-Type problem (Mozilla requires a XML Content-Type type for inline SVG, which IE does not support).

Good luck Mark and keep up the good work!

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