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Shortly after I announced my Canvas in IE project a while back it became apparent that I wasn’t the only one trying to bring Canvas to IE. Glen, and Erik, had recently started a similar venture and suggested we join forces. Having one good IE implementation makes a lot more sense than two competing ones.

Check Glen’s site for the full story and a demo.

The actual implementation can be found on SourceForge as ExplorerCanvas.

3 Responses to 'ExplorerCanvas'

  1. erik’s weblog » Blog Archive » ExplorerCanvas Says:

    […] Over the last few months, me, Glen and Emil have been working on an open source version of canvas for Internet Explorer. […]

  2. Jeff Schiller Says:

    Great! Fantastic! Now you three should team up with Mark Finkle and work together on SVG in IE…:)

  3. Something Witty Goes Here » Blog Archive » Cross-Browser Drawing API Lands Says:

    […] Check it out. Glen, Erik and Emil have been working on implementing Canvas in Internet Explorer. Looks like that’s done and now up on SourceForge: Download here. Brilliant! I only hope it’s not a cruel April Fool’s Joke. […]

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