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Chart 1.02

I’ve update the WebFX Chart widget to use the new, and superior, ExplorerCanvas IE Emulation layer instead of my old IECanvas one.

I’ve also included the excellent jsgraphics painter implementation contributed by Ma Bingyao in the official version.

This brings the number of painter implementations to three; canvas, svg and jsgraphics, although the svg one is still lacking, and the browser support now includes most, if not all, modern browsers.

4 Responses to 'Chart 1.02'

  1. George Papadakis Says:

    Well done Emil.

    Great piece of work.

  2. andot Says:

    But I find that you still used this._series.push(o) and series.push(o) in chart.js, The push method is not a valid method in IE 5, so I think use this._series[this._series.length] = o and series[series.length] = o is better and use push method. Otherwise, the JsGraphics Demo can’t work in IE 5.

    And I find that the axis and legend still can’t be printed on the correct position to printer.

  3. Emil Says:

    Good point andot, forgot about that. Been a while since I did something for ie5…

    For printing in ie an all vml implementation is probably required, where the legend and axis is drawn using vml instead of using html elements.

  4. Ian Newby Says:

    Your printing of legends and axis text can be corrected by removing the media declaration in the style sheet import for canvaschart.css.

    I’ve not been able to get the chart graphics to print in ie however.

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