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WebKit for Windows

Now this is great news; Apple’s WebKit (the rendering component powering the Safari web browser) has been ported to Windows, complete with a browser called Swift. I doubt many will use it, at least for now, it’s not quite as mature as the other offerings. However having another browser to chose from is a good thing and I’m sure it will improve over time.

The most important point it that it will give web developers using Windows the ability to test their web pages and applications in a WebKit based browser, without having to acquire Apple hardware or install KDE. - Thus this could very well lead improved support for Safari and Konqueror.

Download from getwebkit.org.

In other related news, a windows port of the Evolution has finally been released; Evolution on Win32.

Evolution has been my e-mail client of choice ever since I first tried it some years ago. Now I can finally use it on all my computers. It’s a bit unstable under windows still and I can’t get the LDAP support to work properly for contacts, but other than that it seems quite complete and usable.

6 Responses to 'WebKit for Windows'

  1. Dean Edwards Says:


  2. Erik Arvidsson Says:

    I think this was a great move by Apple. They need better support for WebKit in web pages but WebKit also needs to support web pages better. One way to ensure that is to get WebKit to the masses on Windows

  3. Dean Edwards Says:

    I can’t get it to install. :-(

  4. Emil Says:

    Dean: Odd, worked like a charm for me. MSI installation packages tend to behave quite erratically sometimes though. The classic Windows solution - a restart - might help.

  5. Dean Edwards Says:

    Fixed now. Thanks to Anne:


  6. Amit Says:

    How can I get sources for WebKit (webkit.org). Everytime I try, I’m getting unable to connect to server. Is there any place where sources are dumped periodically (kinda mirror image)?

    - Amit

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